Many Influencers have branded themselves into full blown business. In doing so they have made themselves attractive to big companies to use them to market their products, whatever that may be. In my industry specifically we use influencers to market our shoes, but the shoes don’t magically appear at no cost. The shoe itself costs, then shipping, the pretty packaging it comes in and whatever little trinkets we may send to personalize the seeding experience. The influencer gets the shoe maybe posts it and wears it a few times, but then what? You can’t really track your ROI on likes and comments (engagement). This is where we can factor in things like discount codes, giveaways, sign ups, product clicks etc.. These are tangible, trackable factors that we use to say ‘Yes he or she was really worth the investment’. Being able to track our ROI with something like giving away free product tells us is it worth it, not just giving away free product. 

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