In real life (IRL) your tribe consists of family, friends you’ve known for a while and maybe even co-workers. In most cases, you’d never think I’m with this person or friends with this person in real life for their social media status. In 2019, this is the case. Now tribes or social media super teams are taking over. Something like when Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors or when Lebron bounces from team to team to win rings, these social media super teams exist to. 

It’s all about finding your right tribe to create your team. Desi, Katy, Shayla, and Sarahi have done an epic job of this. They share the same following base, cross promote each other’s products and even go on epic trips or throw parties just to create content. They are not the only people on social media doing this. People have even gotten married to create their social media super tribe.

Many social media influencers have realized that working alone brings in money but having a tribe brings in more. Just like in real life who are we without our tribes.

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