Even in the digital age consumers still decided what is popular and what is not. Instead of just celebrities, we now call them influencers. In the current digital age influencers are small and large companies new word of mouth. Influencers, macro, and micro have a voice and they use it to their full advantage. Influencers tell their communities what to buy and where to buy. Small and large companies alike rely on these people to generate buzz and eventually sales for their business. For warning, companies must be careful with the new word of mouth. Using the wrong influencer to help create this word of mouth buzz can be detrimental to the company or the success of a specific campaign. Influencers have communities and these communities know their favorite influencers pretty well. If a product they are recommending doesn’t align with their community or the influencer is being paid just to speak about it, the community will see through it. This is when word of mouth could become negative and people will either disassociate themselves with that influencer or that brand. All in all word of mouth marketing in this digital age works better than ever because it’s right in the palm of our hand. 

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