Understanding my market is literally my job. Well understanding my market as it involves the ever-changing shoe industry. This includes knowing where the demand is, what is being demanded and vice versa. In sneaker culture, excluding luxury brands, you have your shoes that take up the majority of the wall in wholesale accounts like Nike and Adidas. Then you have brands that take up a much smaller space called secondary brands like Reebok, Fila, Vans, Champion, and Converse. In consumer-facing markets Adidas and Nike will always be in full demand whereas secondary brands have to work a bit harder. I focus on how we can convert consumers to purchase a specific secondary brand in wholesale accounts. Consumers, especially now make purchases based on feeling or brand loyalty. By understanding my market and the consumers in it, I help bring them an experience that makes them feel and eventually that redirects their purchasing power to a secondary brand. Because well, when you know you know. 

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