Market Research ads great value to a company, whether it be qualitative or quantitative. In my opinion, most companies should rely more on qualitative research. I say this because once you know what makes a consumer resonate with your brand and you find that perfect formula to create a repeat consumer, the numbers will follow. A great example of this is Oreo. Are Oreo’s the greatest cookie you’ve ever eaten? I’ve honestly had way better cookies than an Oreo hands down. Oreo has forever consumers because the brand has found a way to create a home-like feeling for its consumer, which I’m sure took a ton of research, trial, and error. A couple of decades ago Oreo had a jingle associated with its brand, a friend of mine said his dad used to sing the jingle over and over every time he ate Oreos. Although oreo no longer uses the Jingle, the value of creating lifetime consumers out of my friend and his family is priceless. 

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