YouTube analytics is a fairly easy space to concur even if you’ve never seen or used it before. The three basics but awesome things to know about this page follows. 

1. Audience – Youtube analytics lets you know exactly where your audience is from, is audience male or female, the age of your audience and a few other elements. This page helps you to tailor your content, if you wanted to post a video about makeup but your audience was 40-55-year-old males you’d be able to make the appropriate adjustments. 

2. Engagement – Here YouTube analytics informs you about what videos are peaking and most importantly what days your videos are being viewed. There are a few more actionable charts on this page but in my opinion, the days are very important. This helps you know when your audience is most engaged with you and can help you develop a posting schedule to engage with them more. 

3. Traffic – Where is your traffic coming from? This page will inform you. You get to learn exactly where and how your audience is finding you and use that to your advantage to expand your current audience. 

Although all of the YouTube analytics are important in helping you grow your audience as a whole. These are my three favorites. 

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