Instagram for some time has been making changes to its platform. They started with the algorithm which mixed up your feed quite a bit but added a lot more sponsored content and less content from those you actually followed. This allowed change allowed Instagram to make more money on monetized content (Links to an external site.). Yesterday, Instagram announced (Links to an external site.) this week US users will experience a new change. This change consists of hiding likes. 

Now when you think about the message behind Instagram’s “reasoning” for hiding likes, from an average consumer perspective you would think this is awesome. Instagram states, in so many words they are trying to “depressurize (Links to an external site.)” the platform for younger users. From a marketing perspective, I see exactly what Instagram is trying to do, and it makes sense for their company.

Currently, many users make money off of their engagement with heir Instagram audience. This includes likes, comments, shares, impressions, and collections. Without this information visible to third part businesses it will be harder for celebrities, influencers, small business etc.. to make money off of the platform. 

Now you may think to yourself, why does this matter to Instagram? It matters because Instagram will now be the ones being paid by companies, influencers, and celebrities to use their algorithm to promote content. In the words of the great Cardi B, Instagram is getting to the “SHMONEY” aka the money. 

Currently, bloggers, influencers, etc are trying to figure out a new way to take control of their Instagrams and utilize them for profit. What are your thoughts on this new change?

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