Currently collecting qualitative data is what I do, for the most part. Learning straight from consumers, retail manager, district managers, and associates give you the best insight. These findings help cross-functional teams like Trade Marketing (Links to an external site.), CTC (Concept To Consumer), Product,  and Sales make better decisions for the future. These decisions could include the following:

  • What colors to choose
  • Where in the market to allocate product
  • Which wholesalers get which product

The list could go on and on. Mostly this data is captured verbally in a casual setting but sometimes we have formal in market interviews with specific questions. During these interviews, which are recorded, we have to ask a line of questions that will make a consumer choose one thing over another. That data is shared with the team it was requested by and allows them to make decisions based on the marketing experiment. Consumers and the data (quantitative or qualitative) they provide truly drive many company’s decisions. 

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