Beyonce stans, move over, there is a new HIVE in town. The HIVE (Links to an external site.) Is a new social network that “influencers” are supposedly leaving Instagram to join. According to  (Links to an external site.)HIVE is oriented [around] the user experience through a chronological order feed that maximizes content engagement. 

The app is growing rapidly and gaining thousands and thousands of new users every day. This app is said to give you all of the features that you used to love Instagram for. These features include chronologically ordered feeds, number of likes and even include ways to personalize your profile. 

It’s very hard for a new social media app to come on the scene and totally remove Instagram from the paws of millions of users. I’m not sure how popular HIVE is going to get but I look forward to seeing the app grow. What are your thoughts on the new HIVE?

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