Here are a few tips on how to compete with the ever-changing Instagram. While these tips are nothing new, they still remain helpful. Right now Instagram users only see about 30% organic (Links to an external site.) content. The 70% of content instagram users typically see is sponsored content. On top of those alarming numbers, about only 10% (Links to an external site.) of your followers even see your content in particular. These three tips will help you continue to be successful on Instagram and who doesn’t need a refresher, right? 

1. Consistent – Make sure you are staying consistent with your posts on Instagram. Find out what your best posting days and time are (all available within the app) and make sure you capitalize on your engagement. 

2. Quantity – Make sure you up the number of times you post daily/weekly. Within posting consistently, post more frequently. Depending on your brand that may mean multiple times a day or week. 

3. Quality  – Make sure you are uploading the best quality images. This matters because it will help your content stand out and give you credibility whether it is a sponsored post or if it is your daily content. 

I hope you find these tips helpful or they may have provided a little refresher. Don’t forget to use these three things and you’ll continue to beat Instagram at their own ga

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