The knowledge you gain from data is insightful. Recently I conducted a study where I surveyed people about a new pet tool called Aqua Paw. Aqua Paw is a tool that helps bath time become easier with your pet. 

I collected data to see how much interest pet owners had, regardless of pet type, in purchasing this innovative tool. Through my results, I was able to see many data points like: Who, male or female, is more likely to purchase the Aqua Paw tool, what age range is likely to purchase Aqua Paw etc.. 

The answers to these questions come in numbers, and percentages, so how do you implement them into your business? One example would be through where you are spending your ad dollars. Whether it be google search, Instagram sponsored posts or sponsored youtube ads, with this data you will be able to make sure you are reaching your target audience. Without this data, it could be possible your company could be wasting ad dollars on a demographic that has no interest in purchasing this tool. Like your pet maybe your best friend, data and insights should be too.

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