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In my current job, a part of what I do is create moments for people to emotionally resonate with the company/brand I work for. For any company or brand their ultimate goal is sales, but how do you get those sales? That is where I come in, I make them feel. I want a consumer to remember my experience forever not vaguely recall an item they may have purchased in a mall that one time. Ultimately brands are what the consumers think and how they make them feel. You can learn more about how to emotionally connect with your consumers here. Now let me tell you how I executed a moment in making people feel.

Long story short my goal was to take a global campaign to a local/grassroots level. At the time the global campaign featured a major celebrity known for her witty personality and ever-changing nails. Could I bring this celebrity to a random city and have people get their nails done with her? No, but what I could do was recreate the moment for them. I then turned a Foot Locker into a nail shop and gave consumers the experience of being pampered and bedazzled like the shining celebrity for the global campaign. All I heard all day was consumer stating they’ve never had an experience like this before, and that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted to give them the feeling! Let’s talk about a time a company gave you the feeling or you created the feeling in the comments below.

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