Everybody is trying to sell something. What is that something? It’s a product or a service. Let’s face it new, products/services are flying at you left and right. It’s like that scene from the Oprah show when she gives the whole audience cars. “You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!”, but instead of cars, it’s like “You buy a new product! You buy a new product! You buy a new product!”. That’s all I hear when I see new business popping up online and at brick and mortar.

Now I want to challenge you to think about how new business owners know where to put their brick and mortar business, so people do hear “You buy a new product”. Have you thought about it? Okay if not let me tell you about one tool you can use when trying to figure out where to place your business. The gov. census website, I know that sounds crazy but hear me out. You can literally use the census website to pin down your customer profile. Use the demographics you want to find where those people live, where they shop, how much money you have etc.. Although many other factors go into place a business in a certain area, this is a FREE easy tool to utilize. Tell me in the comments a trick you may use to place a new business!

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