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Mosaic illustration for the advertising campaign of Clear Channel in Switzerland

When you hear Nike, you probably think of Michael Jordan, Chris Paul, Lebron James or a host of other internationally known Athletes. When you think of Adidas you may think of Run DMC, Derrick Rose, Pharrell and most recently Beyoncé. When you think of Reebok, you may think of Shaq, Allen Iverson, Cardi B, or many other celebrities. Although these brands stand on different tiers in the athletic shoe world, they all have this in common. These brands understand that people resonate with people. Think about something sentimental you may own, it could be your grandmothers’ ring or any other inanimate object, would you care about the ring if it wasn’t hers, probably not.

According to, when something “resonates” with you, you understand, feel in common with or can sense it without explanation or problems. It is an immediate and unquestioned feeling that requires no further explanation.

This also rings true to how people resonate with brands, they don’t really resonate with the brand itself. People resonate with their ethos, the people who represent the brand and the commonality they feel.

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