When I first started working in Marketing, I never knew that I would do the math. I mean so much math. There are so many formulas and different ways of collecting data to make sure you make the best decisions for your company. I wanted to get into marketing for the shiny aspect, the fun stuff. I wanted to make brands look good, I wanted to through fun events that drove brand heat and pushed sell-through. Little did I know there was another analytical side to this marketing industry. While this isn’t my favorite part of marketing, I currently manage an MWB of 575K. In this case, I need to know a little something.

I work in a very consumer-driven business and distribution measures directly impact the retail industry.  PCV or Product Category Volume is just a fancy way of saying this is the share of category sales by the stores that stock your brand. To break it down even further It would be like comparing the store Nordstrom’s but you’re not just comparing Nordstrom you’re comparing the brands inside Nordstrom. Louis Vuitton, Prada, YSL etc.. are all competing brands inside the luxury department store you can use PCV to see how your brand sells in comparison to other brands.

This formula can give brands better insight into if consumers are shopping for a particular brand in a particular store and if they aren’t buying your brand which brand are they purchasing. To learn more in-depth about PVC, click here. Tell me one thing that surprised you about the marketing field in the comments below.

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