Brands implement elements that consumers connect to and ultimately forever remember.  Recently Baby Shark, a song made for children on a show exploded. The song was then sung by adults, teenagers and even grandparents. Baby Shark is now a household staple in toddlers’ homes due to the popularity of the song. Baby Shark is probably even going to be the theme of the next child’s party you attend, this symbol is literally everywhere.

Brand elements always include a name, symbol, slogan, sound, logo, characters or fonts. The communication is consistent with Baby Shark through shows, toys, kids parties and more.  In the instance of Baby Shark the brand used sound along with a recognizable shark character to create their brand element. Just like the bunny for energizer that you know is pink, you’ll know the blue Baby Shark when you see it and probably instantly go into song. Baby Shark Doo Do Doo…

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