Well at least I am, I say this in many of my posts and I’ll continue to say this, I am a forever consumer. Although I have been working in Marketing for 4 years now I still and always will consider myself a consumer and I’m definitely drinking the luxury shopping Kool-Aide. Recently I treated myself to a new Louis Vuitton bag, this is one of my favorite luxury brands because it never goes on sale. I was so, and still am excited about this bag, I’m actually smiling as type this thinking about it. What makes me so happy over and over again about this bag is actually a receptor in my brain that releases dopamine, which is the same release opioids have on the system. So yes luxury items do this for me and many other consumers. In marketing, at the brand I work for, we try to create this feeling of euphoria or this release of dopamine when consumers shop. We want to drive their decision making of purchasing our product. In my brand, we create exclusive product with designers or celebrity assets for consumers. These products are at a higher price point and harder to purchase. When consumers are able to access this product it makes them very happy, ecstatic even. This feeling of happiness or dopamine, as I’ve just taught you, is what every marketer wants their consumer to feel.

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