There are many ways to get in to know your consumer or put yourself their shoes; but how do you really know your consumer unless you get into the market? Well, you have to get into the market and gather consumer insights. I manage a team of 6 soon to be 8 field marketing representatives. They/we are truly the market experts and know their consumer by market very well. Since they/we are in the field and the rest of the marketing team and other teams are in the office, my team leads market tours which will immerse any of our internal teams in the consumer experience.  

The consumer experience doesn’t just start and stop and your retail doors either, it’s where these consumers live, their local favorite restaurants, what they do for fun. My team knows all of this about their consumers in their perspective markets and will provide our internal teams with a consumer experience they’ll never forget.

This is just one way to learn about your consumer as there are many i.e focus groups, surveys etc.. If you want to truly get to know your consumer I recommend meeting them where they are and truly learn their experience.

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