In marketing, all that matters is the consumer. They drive the business and make marketing dollars possible. We need to always understand what our consumer wants and what drives them to purchase. The team I manage focuses on the consumer’s. We want to hear directly from consumers about their wants and needs. Getting information from consumers on my team can look like a multitude of different options. To get started, my team focuses on the needs of other crossfunctional teams in the company. What does this team need in order to succeed; teams, for example, can include sales, CTC and trade marketing. When working with these teams more than likely the product is already implemented in place, but my team can impact how consumers view the product. Let’s take CTC (Concept To Consumer), in the field, we will take samples of the products across different regions, form a focus group or conduct mini-interviews on the samples. Through this, the correct team CTC will have consumer feedback, suggestions, wants and needs across various regions on the same/or similar product. From here, this affects the way this product may be brought to market, where it’s allocated, which accounts it’s sold into, what regions may see this product, or if it is brought to market at all. Consumers make these decisions for companies every day. This is just one way to collect consumers wants and needs, what does your company do to collect this information? Tell me in the comments below.

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