Why do consumers purchase certain brands? Last week we discussed my love for luxury items and why people may purchase them, but lets dive a little deeper. Consumers, like myself (remember always a consumer) don’t just make purchases on a whim for the most part.  Usually, there are three factors surrounding their purchase.

1. A positive or negative connotation towards the brand.

2. Outside impressions i.e. friends, family, culture etc.. 

3. Is this product going to make my life easier or harder?

These are 3 very brief explanations of The Theory of Planned Behavior. If you want to know more details on the theory, click here. In the instance of myself purchasing luxury brands or another consumer decided what to purchase, we go through these three thought processes subconsciously. I have an affinity for luxury items so my connotation towards luxury brands is positive, people around me also shop within these same stores, I like the convenience of shopping there and having something exclusive. Take some time to walk yourself through these three scenarios about your favorite brand. What did you come with? Comment below and lets talk about it. 

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