During these uncertain times, companies are trying to figure out how to pivot and switch their marketing plans to react to consumer behavior. Typically at the company I work for we are ahead of the game, for the most part. While no one could have predicted Covid-19, it is surely telling what companies will and will not do to make a sale. While most companies are truly being compassionate with consumers, resonating with them on an emotional level and giving back; some companies have shown exactly what you don’t do during a global pandemic. 

One of my favorite restaurants in Miami sent out multiple emails with the title “Covid-19 Stimulus Package 50% OFF Sushi”. In my opinion as a consumer and a marketer, this was tasteless. If I’ve learned anything, consumers will always remember when a company does anything tacky.  Probably one of the fastest ways to lose brand love as well. Remember you always want to make consumers feel, resonate with them, be on their level, and always put them first. What are some marketing tactics you’ve seen during this time that promote brand love? Let’s chat about them in the comments. 

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