I love working for a large brand. It’s fun and exciting and although the brand I work for is widely known, our team isn’t as larger as you may think. I work on the U.S. Marketing team, and what I love the most is that I’m able to learn many facets of the company through us being small. Especially during a time like this (Covid-19), it’s all hands-on deck. Many of my team, myself included is on a short-term assignment, meaning we continue to do our job, but we are also doing another job. One of our STA’s is working with the trade marketing team. Trade marketing works with our wholesale accounts, this sector falls under the B2B or business to business umbrella. This is called B2B because it is one business marketing and selling to another business. Some of these businesses we work with include Foot Inc., Amazon, Kohls, DSW, Dicks Sporting Goods and so many more. These B2B relationships are important for companies like the one I work for to have is because they hit many different target audiences. Every wholesale retailer I just mentioned has a different consumer. Ultimately this means more streams of income for the brand I work for. There are many different types of B2B relationships. Another B2B relationship we have is with companies like Jack Nadel and Bamko. These companies create promotional items we need but don’t intend to sell. Many companies have various B2B relationships throughout all sectors of the business. What type of B2B relationships do you see within the company you work for? Let’s discuss below!

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