If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you that I preach about being a forever consumer. I am always and always will be a consumer. Simultaneously being a consumer and working in the sneaker retail industry go hand in hand for me. I think about what would I want. Right now a lot of companies have rewards or loyalty programs. Some companies with the best loyalty programs out are Sephora and Nordstrom. They both let you rack up points and use them for tangible items, you can get a free facial at Sephora for just signing up or be invited to exclusive fashion shows at Nordstrom and don’t forget Nordstrom Notes. In the sneaker industry it’s a bit trickier to reward our loyal members. My team has recently been tasked with showing our loyalty members they matter, and we are not just another loyalty point program. With a task like this we automatically would love to throw our members an exclusive event or a concert but since that isn’t available to us right now I challenged my team to think outside of the box. I asked them “What would make you feel good?”. Ultimately we decided on a major surprise and delight moment that arrives at their door steps, a moment they will share with some of our assets. I can’t give too much detail, but what would more do you want to see from loyalty programs?

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