Honestly, it’s hard. Brand marketing is very fluid. In my currently role, measuring success when it comes to interfacing with consumers looks like different every time. I’ve had a coworker on my team turn a portion of a mall into a basketball court where the basketball aspect wasn’t interactive but they sold through every single pair of launch shoes that day. That sounds successful right? On the same team, I turned a Foot Locker into a nail salon and had 65 consumers walk away with branded gel manicures but we only sold 2 pairs of shoes. Still very success because 65 people had a positive brand experience and would be walking around with branded nails for at least two weeks. Although these brand marketing experiences were relatively similar, the outcomes were different. Different outcomes still successful in different ways. Although it’s hard to measure success through brand marketing, I want you to ask yourself what went right and what could have gone better? Usually your pros out way your cons. Lets discuss an instance where you don’t think a brand marketing event was successful, I bet I can tell you a few ways in which it was. Comment below, lets talk about it.

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