I’ve been laid off before, actually I was laid off at the age of 25. At the time I thought only boomers got laid off, boy was I wrong. Luckily I was able to become employed by the same company that laid me off, not sure if that truly is lucky, but here we are. Once the global pandemic of Covid-19 began, I thought I was going to be laid off again. I was terrified of losing my job, which I can imagine many people were. I have 3 direct reports looking to me for answers in which I didn’t have.

I have a few tips on how I was able to keep myself and my team calm during the beginning of this global crisis.

  • Listen to the information being given: The board at my company gave updates everyday and ensured there was no sign leaning towards layoffs. In order to lead my team successfully I ensured they were always privy to this information and clarified any questions they may have had.
  • Do not jump to conclusions: During a high anxiety and stressful time like this, it’s very easy to do this. I encouraged my team to listen to the facts and perform at the highest level possible, be agile and an asset to the company. You can’t flourish focusing on the unknown.
  • Have a back up plan: It’s okay to want to plan, I am absolutely a planner. I was transparent with my team. I let them know I truly did not believe there was any reason to worry but personally I did create a plan for myself.

These are minor ways to stay calm and lead through a pandemic, what are some ways you saw your leaders step up during this time?

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